Intro to Nuclear Science

Lead Instructors:  Zoe Fisher and Brendan Vaughan

TAs: Zach, Bethany

Time: Jan 10-21, 15:00-16:00

Location: Manoogian Hall


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You can find most of our lecture notes, course materials, code examples etc. in this Dropbox directory.


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Course description:

This course is based on MIT course 22.01. Peek into the subatomic world with this crash course in nuclear science, complete with the fundamental concepts like nuclear models, radioactivity, nuclear reactions, ionization, radiation detection and shielding and medical applications.


Proposed schedule:

  • Nuclear structure 
  • Stability and radioactivity 
  • Decay and nuclear reactions (fusion and fission)
  • Radiation detection
  • Medical applications and other fun stuff

Useful resources:

  • TBD